CAS Rules

CAS Rule #1 - Don't ask for isk or stuff. Just don't.

CAS Rule #2 - We must disagree, without being disagreeable. If you insist on being disagreeable, at least have the decency to be funny.

CAS Rule #3 - When asking for a price check, please link the item to chat.

CAS Rule #4 - When asking for help, please link the system.

CAS Rule #5 - Do the newbie tutorials along with the 3 career mission chains before asking a million questions.

CAS Rule #6 - We don't care who your alt is or if you are an alt. CAS is CAS. It's like a vacation spot with a lot of nipples and bacon.

CAS Rule #7: Please don't use the in-game browser. And if you do, don't tell anybody.

CAS Rule #8: Do not even pretend that Canadian Bacon is real bacon. It's not. It's ham, not bacon. So go buy a bag of milk.

CAS Rule #9: Nipples shall be mentioned at least once an hour within CAS chat.

CAS Rule #10: You will be punished for bad puns.

CAS Rule #11: The most valuable item in-game is the corpse of Prideof USA (with the exception of Aegis Scout's corpse).

CAS Rule #12: Female avatars represent female players. We will believe this until proven otherwise (i.e. speaks like a man on voice).

CAS Rule #13: Keep your bacon pie off other people's roosters.

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