CAS Basics

The Center for Advanced Studies (CAS) is a starter corporation for new Gallente players. It's a real corp, but just an NPC corporation. We don't pay corp taxes. We don't have "wardecs" and thus can safely pirate, carebear or just build up our characters for the time being.

Whether you are a freelancing libertarian, industry magnate or vicious pirate... CAS has room.

These days being put into CAS seems to be the luck of the draw, but historically CAS was for characters set upon an industrial career path at character creation. Gallente happens to be quite good for industrial characters, CAS thus has a considerable number of veteran players on indy alts and indy main characters. CAS also has quite a few bloodthirsty killers. Villains and heroes alike.

It's notoriously fun. CAS chat has a solid 600-1000 people at any given time.

It has alumni who keep in touch and run regular pvp fleets. There are also regular mining fleets.

CAS is also lucky enough to have one of the official CSM members (bunyip) who work directly with CCP (the devs).

CAS Combat

CAS has a group of alumni and current players who love to organize PvP. This leads to small bands and ad hoc fun, but also implies a set of semi-organized activities by some of our awesome vets & alumni.

There are occasional PvP Training sessions where new players can learn the basics of setting up the overview, handling fleet maneuvers, etc.

There have been some recent frigate PvP Tournaments with prizes.

There are regular PvP fleet events. One recent fleet had 30+ pilots zipping around 0.0 space and lasted 10+ hours. Here's a short clip of a Claymore being popped by CAS. How embarrassing!

Keep your eye out for events & mailing list.

CAS Rules - Killboard
CCG Forums

That's a CAS fleet hunting enemies in 0.0 space...

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