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Jetcan mining

If you right-click on the ore in your cargo, you can jettison it into space (as with any item). This is called jetcanning. The jetcan is fairly huge and will hold a very large amount of ore.

There is risk of having your stuff stolen from that can. Avoiding this risk by mining in a hauler ship (i.e. iteron) is a bad solution. Here's a better solution:
1. Many missions have asteroid belts in them. Do L1 missions as quickly as you can until you find one with veldspar (or whatever floats your boat). The idea is to clear all the enemies but don't turn in the mission.

2. Head for your "mission belt" in a simple mining ship (navitas, vex, retriever, hulk, etc).

3. Jettison the ore and rename your cans with the time in it (i.e. "susie10:25"). Cans will last 1-2 hours.

4. Bring your hauler ship (iteron) in to transport your ore to a station.
This is not perfectly safe. Pirates & crazy homeless people can still scan down your ship, attempting to either steal your ore or to "can flip" it in hopes that you'll give them a chance to kill you.

Our suggestion is to try to get out of the completely newbie starter solar systems to avoid the goofballs who seek to grief new players.

What exactly is "can flipping"?

Eve is full of pirates and griefers.

When you steal from another player, even in highsec empire space, they get a temporary right to shoot you down. This mechanic can be turned around whereby pirates will come up to your can, then "flip it" by adding something to it or making a fake one. This gives them ownership although it also makes them open to attack.

If you take the ore back, they get to shoot you. That's their game.

If you thirst for vengeance and attack, they get to shoot back.

Mining away from busy crowds and also in your own mission belts will dramatically reduce this from happening.

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