Singularity: Huckery Tosspots Inc

Huckery Tosspots (tspots) corp has been created and is open to CAS members. HQ in Eglennaert.

This is good for those wanting to setup POS. POS 101 here.

Last character mirror on Singularity: July 5th.

Check sisi status here:

Learn how to connect to singularity here. It's really simple. You just make a copy of the Eve install, change the shortcut and patch it.

Test server rules. NO PODDING. PvP is consensual only, on the server. You can also happily buy most items for 100isk in select systems. You can find lots of people in the "FD-" system, where folks often meet up to duel and such.

You can find the Test forum here to discuss issues, bugs, etc. Just keep in mind there are no paid GMs or customer service for this server. It's for bug finding and testing.

In-game, be sure to join the "Singularity" channel.

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