Space 101

Space in Eve is dangerous.
The only 100% safe location is being docked in a "high security" system.

You start off in a very secure area of "high security" space - aka "highsec."

Highsec is 0.5-1.0 security rating and means the police (Concord) will destroy anybody who is inappropriately attacking another player. This means that PvP is mostly voluntary in such areas (although players can attack suicidally).

There's also "lowsec" which indicates 0.1-0.4 which new players should avoid. It's mostly lawless in lowsec and you seriously risk being shot at by other players.

Finally, there is "nulsec" which indicates 0.0 security and below. That's the lawless "wild west" where player alliances fight over sovereignty.

You can look at the awesome in-game map tools using F10. You can toggle between a map of the local system you are in and the star map. Inside the star map, you'll find that you can show all kinds of amazing information on the map.

For fun, try to color stars by:
  1. region,
  2. security status,
  3. services --> cloning
  4. statistics --> ships destroyed in the last hour
What you see on this map is sometimes called "known space" or "k-space." There is also "wormhole space" or "w-space." Spontaneously popping up around k-space are unstable wormholes that connect to unknown space or sometimes to other parts of k-space. It's very dangerous in w-space. Finding wormholes requires use of scan probes.

For now, enjoy the massive opportunities that highsec systems offer. As you grow stronger, you'll be able to better take advantage of lowsec, nulsec and w-space.

Here are some great maps:

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