How do I make money?

ISK can seem hard to come by at the start, especially to those who around curious and looking ahead.

Mining is easy money but can be a hassle in the early stages.

My advice is to run missions for Federation Navy with the aim of getting to battlecruisers and battleships as soon as possible. In the time it takes to build up a character nicely, you can be aiming for running Level4 missions out of Sinq like so many others. L2-L3 missions are very good cash flow for the new player. Even if you get to L3s and stop to train up strong skills with a battlecruiser, you will be making good money. Train for tech2 drones to speed things up.
  • A word about agents: a location that has several low quality L2 agents within 1 jump is superior to a location that has one high quality agent. What matters most is getting lots of mission choices and moving up to the next level, asap. Ignore agent quality until you get to L4.
Learn to salvage. Use a catalyst to separately salvage your missions.

As for the skills required to handle L4s properly, I found that the combination of tech2 drones and a basic tank (4x meta4 hardeners, 1x power relay, tech2 LAR and mids filled with tech2 cap rechargers) was surprisingly sufficient.

Meanwhile, you should try to learn a little bit about the market by looking for opportunities to sell more rare rigs made out of salvage mats. Try a little bit of trading and see what happens. :-)

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