Eve Videos for New Players

New to Eve? Check out these videos:
Eve has a lot of PvP.

Here's a fun video of 2 brand new characters doing pvp together, showing that you do not need to have trained for months upon months to start enjoying that aspect of gameplay:
Eve is all about emergent "sandbox" gameplay, driven by player activity. This can lend itself to great narratives and power struggles. Eve thus makes great inspiration for general stories and movies. One of the best is this:
"Clear Skies" (an eve-based machinema movie)
Most of the Eve universe is player-controlled and constantly at war. Eve battles for contested systems and stations can involve 500+ pilots. For example:
That's a fairly recent battle ("49-u") between two major Eve rivals. Some say 1500 ships were involved in this one fight. There were 300-600 ships lost every night in that system for almost two weeks. At one point, apparently Goons brought in 27 or so Titans as a show of force. See this wacky video of many Titans going fruity disco pew pew.

If you want a high-res look at more fleet combat, check out The Clarion Call - Triage Support.
See more trailers and highres versions at CCP's website.

If you're really into these videos, check out this forum thread as well as the 2009 Eve Tournament Finals.

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